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Free eBook for university and college students

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

To change the world, we need young people’s ambitious ideas.

Last year, I published “IMPACT: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change”. One of the main reasons I wrote it is that I saw a change among young consumers and employees who care deeply about environmental and social justice and want to support companies that reflect their values. I’m now making a free download available for university and college students all over the world.

Envision a world that moves in only one direction: forward.

A world where inequality is shrinking, where natural resources are regenerated, and people can unlock their full potential and benefit from shared prosperity. A world focused not only on minimizing harm, but on doing measurable good.

This world is being created by the Impact Revolution.

Around the world, young entrepreneurs are redefining disruptive business models that improve lives and the planet and generate financial gain.

The Impact Revolution promises to be just as world-changing as the tech revolution. It is a peaceful movement started by young consumers and entrepreneurs, who are disrupting prevailing business models, using technology to build profitable businesses that improve lives and the planet and reduce inequality.

For insights on how you can make a difference, read my book, and become part of the movement to achieve a better and more sustainable world.

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